Cerro Kishtwar – Photo Gallery

In 1991, I spent 17 days on Cerro Kishtwar’s north face. Intensity of experience is my goal in my personal climbing, and this one had it in spades.

  • Cerro Kishtwat at 6100m is located in the north of India. It's a mountaineer's dream - pointy and perfect.
  • Brendan Murphy and I climbed in capsule style with 300m of fixed rope beween camps. Here's camp 1, the Sheraton
  • Above the Sheraton was the hardest climbing on smooth granite slabs overlaid with inches of ice
  • In the middle of the face was the only straightforward climbing.
  • Flat spots for our wall tent were in short supply.
  • Hard climbing makes for a happy Andy. At the Hilton on about day 7 I think.
  • Honest hard mixed climbing on day 8
  • On  day 11, the weather got viciously cold
  • Cold. Very cold. Cerro Kishtwar day 14
  • Survival. Fully clothed in the tent making breakfast on day 15
  • Back in base camp after 2 days of epoc descent, looking a bit crusty round the edges
  • 17 days with a great mate. We stopped 100m short of the summit. The mountain has been climbed 3 times, once by Mick Fowler and twice by Stephan Siegrist. Our route has not been repeated.