About Me

“Discover new places and learn new skills from an experienced mountain professional”

In the Kendal Mountain Festival Back office

When you book with Andy Perkins, that’s exactly who you get. Over 30 years of climbing and skiing, 15 of those as a guide.

I started climbing and skiing in my teens, and have since then been lucky enough to travel all across the world to work and play in its white pointy parts.

Here are some highlights from over 3 decades of mountain experience:

  • 17 days on Cerro Kishtwar’s north face. Intensity of experience is my goal in my personal climbing, and this one had it in spades.
  • 2 rescues on Denali, the second of which earned me the Denali Pro Award and an Award for Bravery from the US Department of the Interior.
  • Skiing in Arctic Norway with my wife Lise, 60 years after my dad was pioneering there in the 1950’s. Mountains run in the family!

My aim as a guide is to maximise my clients’ potential - for you to exceed your own expectations of what you’re capable of. This often means taking on new skills as well as sharpening your existing ones. The big grins when someone finally “gets it”, whether skiing or climbing, makes my job as a guide a real joy.

Andy has an attitude that makes him an excellent guide. He has huge experience in all terrains, but it is his ability to judge the client and the conditions and get the best out of the two that makes it such a relaxing pleasure to climb with him.”
Kenneth I 2014

“Thank you for a terrific week in Chamonix. I arrived with hopes of improving my ski mountaineering, navigation, route planning, avalanche assessment, crevasse rescue etc. I left with all my expectations exceeded and having hugely enjoyed the course, including some great powder skiing. “
Paul R 2012

I’m a member of the British Mountain Guides, and as such I’m proud to be associated with our partners Arc’teryx. In 2014 I featured in an Arc’teryx film about risk assessment and decision making for guides. I’m also a member of the French guides, the Syndicat National Des Guides de Montagne.

I speak fluent French and passable German and Italian, a useful asset as I operate throughout the alpine chain.

As well as guiding I have a major role in the Kendal Mountain Festival, Britain’s premier social climbing event, which takes place annually in November.

In my spare time, I ski powder, climb rock and eat cakes.

What my clients say

Thank you Andy for knowing where to go for a great day ski touring despite the generally thin and windswept snow conditions. The area above the Great St Bernard Pass was new to me, and the ski touring well suited to my ability. This matching of objective to client and conditions is part of the reason I choose to go guided; plus the education from your communicating your decision making throughout the day (not something in my experience that all guides do); plus the technical instruction which is thoughtful and very clear (again not something all guides achieve); plus of course you brought me back in one piece. A bargain really!

I look forward to our next day together in a few days’ time …

The snow it snoweth not very much at all

John Vlasto

Just a quick note to thank you for a fantastic few days ice climbing. Given the so-called ”poor current conditions for ice climbing in the Alps” (quote many Internet sites……….) your ability to find three great routes in terrific nick, in a new area for me, is testament to your mountain craft and knowledge of the Alps.

Have a great remainder of the season and see you in the summer !

Alps Ice Climbing 2015

Darren Sheppard
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