Ice Climbing


Cascade adventures throughout the Alps and beyond…

In the depths of the alpine winter, waterfalls that cascade into the valleys in summer freeze into beautiful sculptures of ice. The potential for ice climbing is huge. In contrast to Scottish winter climbing, these routes are often dry, can sometimes be literally roadside, and are feasible even for a weekend with cheap flights from all over the UK.

Chamonix has a wealth of ice climbing, with ice forming within a few minutes walk of the roadside, or accessible from the ski area of Argentiere. Within 90 minutes drive are several other major venues – Trient and Mauvoisin in Switzerland, and above all Cogne in Italy. Just a short drive through the Mont Blanc tunnel, this fantastic valley offers a wide range of climbing to suit all abilities. No previous experience is necessary, though it will help if you’ve handled climbing hardware before.

The most reliable season for ice is usually in January. Living in the Chamonix valley, I’m happy to advise on whether a late booking will be worth it or not! I’m happy to run weekends, long weekends or weeklong trips depending on your needs. Ratios for ice climbing are usually a maximum of 2:1.

I offer a wide variety of itineraries and courses to suit all tastes.

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