Cogne Ice Climbing – Photo Gallery

Cogne in the Gran Paradiso area of Italy is a world class ice climbing venue

  • Cogne is totally tooled up for ice climbers: It's the only venue I know where cascatisti have special status
  • Perfect ice in the sun.  Photo: Darren Sheppard
  • Cogne has some great venues for those of you wanting to take the first steps into the world of ice climbing.
  • Toys for ice climbers...
  • Climbing ice in the sun, like comedy, needs good timing
  • Sentiero dei Troll. Climbers: Noelle Godfrey and Claire Molloy
  • Steepness abounds. Climber unknown
  • Cogne classic. Climber: Darren Sheppard
  • Window of Opportunity on Antares in Valsaverenche. Climber: Alan Scowcroft