Kendal Mountain Festival – Photo Gallery

I played a major role in the Kendal Mountain Festival from 2000 to 2022, Britain’s premier social climbing event, which takes place annually in November. This tribal gathering forms a central part of my belief in climbing as a community that crosses borders, whether those are geographical or psychological, and brings us all together to celebrate our activities and the environments to which they are inextricably linked

  • Kendal Mountain Festival is a team effort. And never takes itself too seriously
  • My work on KMF starts in June, and reaches a peak in mid October through to the Festival in mid November
  • My guide work is usually with a maximum of 6 people. At Kendal I work in a 30 strong team, addressing audiences up to a thousand.
  • The Festival is an opportunity to make new friends and meet with meet old ones. Here are Tony Howard and Di Taylor from Troll.
  • Some of my boldest onsights have been on stage at Kendal. In drag in the 300 seater theatre is up there...
  • A small amount of beer is occasionally drunk. Photo: Henry Iddon
  • After 4 nights and 3 days in the Kendal nerve centre, I am just  a bit tired..  Photo: Henry Iddon
  • One of my great moments: opening the Festival in Kendal high street in 2015