Ski Sail Norway – Photo Gallery

Living on a boat and skiing every day in the Arctic

  • Ski sailing is one of those "must do" holidays. I've been running trips to northern Norway and Arctic venues since 2014 and they are always, without exception, a fantastic adventure.
  • Here's the plan: get ashore on a dinghy
  • Skin up, usually on a firm snow pack in the Arctic spring
  • I've worked with 2 boats. The Goxsheim is a converted coastal freighter with a very "Master and Commander" feel.
  • A boat allows you to get to places that are quiet with fresh tracks. Skier: Steve Jones
  • Skiing towards the Arctic Ocean is a very special experience. Skier: Steve Jones
  • Lyngen. Lyngen is perhaps Norway's most famous mountain range.  Weather on the coast is often clearer than inland
  • Finnmark. Most accessed by boat. Hence loads of untracked lushness
  • You can often ski straight off the summits of the mountains here
  • Finnmark. Quite possibly a first descent here.  Skier: David Collier
  • Deep fjords provide calm anchorages for our boat.  Skier: Ray Allwood
  • Reindeer. Finnmark, Norway
  • Cod doesn't get much fresher than this. Finnmark, Norway
  • Dinghy back to the boat
  • In Finnmark, we occasionally  moor up at a quay so it's ski in ski out.  What are you waiting for?