Vallée Blanche – Photo Gallery

The Vallée Blanche is probably the most famous off piste run in the world

  • The famous Midi arête. In winter this is equipped with stanchions and hand rails, so you're safe enough but a head for heights is useful.
  • It can often be quite cold on the arête so mitts and down jackets can be useful too.
  • The "normal" VB. I've heard the VB described as "a red run" but it's an off piste itinerary with crevasses in many places. You need an ability to ski accurately and efficiently in a wide variety of snow conditions.
  • There are many variants. Here's one of the most popular, the Gros Rognon. Skier: Caroline Ogden
  • Petits Envers. This variant is more crevassed than the standard and a tad steeper too.
  • Petits Envers. The VB offers a great ski but above all peerless scenery
  • Vrai Vallée Blanche. The true VB is a serious proposition with big crevasses on entry.  Skier: Matt Helliker
  • Exit from the Vrai VB. Skier: Steve Hartland
  • The Géant Icefall. About 2/3 of the way down, we thread through a wide gap between 2 crevassed zones, the Salle a Manger. Below here we get a good idea of the terrain we've been skiing on.
  • Looking up the Envers. Below the Salle a Manger, the terrain eases and we can look where we've skied.  Skiers: Caroline Ogden and Jim Kerr