Sun Rock

Julie Ann Clyma on Kalymnos

Julie Ann Clyma in Kalymnos

A kit list for Euro style sport cragging.
This one is slightly unusual for this site as it lists everything I bring as well as what you might need as a client.This is because many of my clients will also go on sport climbing trips on an autonomous basis, and you are welcome to use this as a check list.

Pull harder!

I’m a big fan of check lists – check out The Check List Manifesto by Atul Gawande.
This page functions as an online checklist by checking off the tick button for each item.
Alternatively, access a print version by hitting the button to the right.
This will hide all the images and supplementary info and you can then print it off as a hard copy.

ItemDetailTickMore info
Cragging KitThings to climb with.
BootsMaybe even two pairsOne pair for warm ups and multi-pitch, one for sending action. I use Scarpa Instinct slippers
HarnessI use a Petzl Hirundos
Gri GriThe go to sport climbing belay device
Reversoor equivalentIn case of multi pitch
PrusiksAlways good to have
SlingsI carry a couple of 120 cm slings
Screwgates3 should do itI use Petzl 3D Attaches
Jumar?I use this for photography and coaching work
18 QD's18 cope with even the longest pitchesDMM Alpha Pro's are the weapon of choice
Rope80m is now standard for sport actionFor multi pitch, you can use two half ropes
GuidebookPaper and/or digital
Chalk Bag
Liquid Chalk
Finger tape
Helmet?Helmets are becoming more and more popular. I personally don't use one for sport climbing but equally you are very welcome to wear one if you so wish.
Clip StickI have a Beta Climbing Pro
Day PackAbout 40 liters should do it
Thigh padCrucial for Kalymnos knee barsSome people say it's cheating. I need all the help I can get
Jamming glovesWhillans will be spinning in his grave
Belay GlassesVital for good belaying and relaxed shoulders
ClothesFeel good in yourself, look good in the pictures,
ShreddiesThat's underwear in northern England
Long sleeved top
Evening shirtLook good in the bar
Swimming trunksEspecially if you're in Kalymnos. Days off by the pool? Oh Yes
Climbing shorts
Casual shorts
Climbing pants
Casual pants
Mid layer top
Light duvet
ShadesI use an old pair of Julbo's as crag environments are dusty dirty places and I keep my best shades for skiing
GlovesFor belaying or keeping fingers warm on shady crags
Waterproof jacketHopefully it won't rain, but you never know
Waterproof pants
Approach shoes
Other Stuff
SuncreamSPF 30-50. Just enough to last the trip. Share with your mates?
Lip salveDon't share this with anyone unless you're prepared to kiss them
WatchSo you can get up for breakfast at the right time. I use a Suunto with an integrated GPS
Sandwich bagDepending on our plan for the day
LunchSomething to go in that bag
Snack barsChocolate, nuts, energy gels ? Keep some in your pockets
Water bottle/flask"How much water do I need?". If I had a £ for every time...On sun rock trips, 1.5 liters is quite normal
Mobile PhoneMake sure you know the emergency number for the area. Ask me if you don't
Mosquito kitMany sun rock areas also have insects. C'est la vie
Silk linerNights can be warm.
Ear plugs
Beach towel2 days on, 1 day off. What else are you going to do?
Bungee cordsStrapping rope bag to the scooter
Brew KitBecause we're British, old chap
Mug and Spoon
HeadphonesTunes - vital for good performance
Charge Lead
Yoga mat
Wide angle