Roger Payne Tributes

Since the horrendous events on Thursday 12 July on Mont Maudit, friends and family of Roger Payne have been literally inundated with messages of support. These have been invaluable to us all as we struggle to come to terms with his loss. Thank you all. Here are some of them:

When I first heard about the avalanche in Chamonix yesterday, my first thoughts were, I hope no one we know is involved ; it was a real shock to hear the announcement on the radio this morning that Roger has died. It’s a terrible loss for everyone who knew him, in the wider mountaineering work but particularly for close friends like you – Jonathan and I want to send our condolences and good wishes to you.
I have very fond memories of the 3 occasions I skied with Roger – how he always seemed to have a smile on his face and relentless good humour even in the face of trying clients – and I particularly remember the ski safari week that we shared as being full of laughter and Roger being like a big bear as he powered his way down some of the terrain we skied making up in power for any lack of finesse in technique!
He will be sorely missed.
Best wishes
Susie Amann

Dear Andy,
Last night I heard from Zoe about Roger.
I am so so so sorry.
I had only met him a few times, through Zoe, but wow! he and Julie-Anne always blew me away with their incredible zing & infectious happiness.
Pour what caring you can into Julie-Anne, as only such a good friend as you can; it must be so awful for her.
Our thoughts are with you all,
Alice Henderson

Hi Andy.

I was devastated to hear the news of Rogers accident on Thursday. I understand that you have been comforting Julie-Ann, who must be in absolute pieces. Well done to you and Lise for that.
I called your home yesterday and left a message, but it is likely that you still are away from home, so I thought I’d email you.
I went to the service in Chamonix today, possibly my only chance to pay my last respects to Roger.
There were nine candles lit in memory of the climbers killed. I took a couple of shots which you and Julie-Ann might like. Rogers candle is the third from the left in the shot of nine candles and it is the middle candle in the other.
They are probably the most emotional photos I’ve ever taken.
You’re all in my thought and prayers.
Good luck and best wishes,

Hi Andy
I’ve written to Julie-Ann today, both letter and email, but as she’ll
be preoccupied for sometime, please convey that my heart goes
out to her at this time.
We are currently circulating for photos: I’ve been in contact with
John Harlin (who is extremely cut up about this) since yesterday,
and he is putting together a collection.
Lindsay Griffin

Saddened to hear the news from Cham – hope you are bearing up – regards Alan Scowcroft

Hi Andy, Just a quick email to hope that you are well and safe. My thoughts are with you and your guiding friends following the tragedy yesterday.
With very best wishes
Tony Lamb

Hi Andy, awful news about Roger, a really nice guy. Lost for words, Tony Howard

Graham Desroy via Facebook

  • very very sorry to hear the sad news about Roger. Please give Julie-Ann my condolences as I’m sure you’re in touch with her.

Andy Perkins

  • Lise and I are with Julie Ann in Leysin. It’s fucking grim

Graham Desroy

  • Yup, another of the good guys. Bollocks.

Hi Andy,
The news here is full of the deaths of the two guys from Yorkshire killed on Mont Maudit. It was only when I opened my paper this morning that I learned that this tragedy had also taken the life of Roger Payne. I do not have Julie-Ann’s email address so could I ask you please to pass on to her my sincerest condolences.
Lawrence Dregent.

Dear Andy
I just saw on the BMC website that you and Julie-Ann are collecting photos of Roger, so I will look and see what I have got, from last year’s trip in the W Oberland (and send to Alex at the BMC as requested).
But I thought I would drop you a line, as a personal friend of Roger’s, to say I am so very sorry to hear of such a tragic accident and I know it will hit you, and other friends, guides and climbers terribly terribly hard. The entire guiding and climbing community must be deeply shocked and affected. I am thinking of Julie-Ann a great deal and I will send a card. Its really hard to see how words, thoughts can help at all, at such a time, but maybe it does help in some way to know that others are thinking of you at such an unimaginably difficult time. To you as a friend, as you rally round, doubtless with others, to try and help in any way you can, but also knowing that you will feel the pain, my thoughts are with you too.
If you are speaking to Julie-Ann, please do give her my love.
With love and best wishes
Jan Nowell