Grand St. Bernard : First Ever Ski Tour

I came all the way from British Columbia, Canada. Having done ski touring and a tad taste of mountaineering in my country my sister invited me to come join this crew for a taste of the Alps. I was expecting sharing my days here with lots of people and with the lack of snow, testing my newly sharpened edges on ice. BUT this was not the case. If I had gone on my own, my initial thoughts would have been true, having Andy who knew the area and was able to sniff out terrain like a dog for a bone made me coming to Switzerland worth every penny!!

I was exposed to an amazing part of the Alps with sweet stashes of fresh snow, terrain just challenging enough to tease my skills and yet fun enough to keep a smile on my face. I had assurance knowing that every day was going to be safe and full of wonderful surprises. I NEVER would have bagged some of the peaks Andy roped (pun intended) us into doing either.

Thanks, Andy, for teaching me how to read terrain better, anticipate avalanche hazard and pick better up-tracks. I didn’t even cry myself to sleep after you took photos of me to help me with my skiing technique. The next day I applied them and what a difference!! I’ll take it home with me to perfect so I can return to show you my improvements. I had an amazing time both on and off the snow and will remember this always.

You were my first guide and you showed me there’s a reason to use one! Your experience shows and I much appreciated you sharing it with us.