How should I look after kit at the end of the ski season?

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”

At some stage, unless we move hemispheres, we have to stop skiing and enjoy the summer.

But before we do, let’s look after our ski kit:

  • Wax our skis, spreading wax over the edges as well.
  • Don’t scrape them – leave the wax to be absorbed into the base in the coming months
  • Smear Vaseline over the vertical walls of the edge to prevent rust getting at them
  • Wind our bindings down to the minimum so that springs aren’t compressed and lose their recoil
  • Store skis without the bases (more specifically the edges) touching, also to prevent rusting
  • Keep them in a cool dry environment
  • Remove batteries from transceivers to prevent corrosion building up on the terminals

And don’t be too sad.
Remember – it’ll all come round again in about 6 months (depending on how keen you are).

And… you can now go rock climbing!